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LEVEN (20) Built in 1813, Ipswich.
Survey in 1820.
Hospital ship in 1827.
Broken up in 1448.

  • 1815 B. S. BLUETT, Spithead.
  • 1816 Out of commission at Milford.
  • 1818 Ditto, Chatham.
  • 1820 Capt. David Ewen BARTHOLOMEW, 08/1818, Survey Service.
    After surveying the whole of the Azores, part of the African coast and some of the Cape Verde Islands, Capt. BARTHOLOMEW died at the island of Mayo on 19 February 1821 and he was succeeded by his first lieutenant, Robert BALDEY who attempted to make a survey of the River Gambia but, because of shoal water some miles to seaward, found it impossible without risking the ship.
    He returned to Spithead on 23 July 1821 and was promoted to commander three days later.
    LEVAN paid off shortly after at Woolwich.
  • 1821 Capt. William Fitzwilliam OWEN, 08/1821 Survey Service on the coast of Africa.
    His lieutenants who joined her between September and November were Thomas BOTELER, Richard OWEN (the son of an Irish clergyman) and Alexander Thomas Emeric VIDAL (ass.
    Surveyor) LEVEN was accompanied by a tender, BARRACOUTA, Cdr. William CUTFIELD.
  • Early in 1822 they carried out a survey of Table Bay.
    The next surveys were carried out in the rivers flowing into Delagoa Bay (around the present day Lourenco Marques).
    The men died in large numbers from fever, 69 including Cdr. CUTFIELD who died on 30 November 1822 in his 35th. year after 14 days working on the coast in an open boat.
    He was succeeded by VIDAL (as an acting commander) with BOTELER as assistant surveyor and Lieut. John REITZ.
    Lieut. William MUDGE was appointed to LEVEN and Richard OWEN was promoted to assistant surveyor.
  • In November 1825 LEVEN started a survey north from Walfisch (Walvis) Bay in South West Africa and continued it up to Sierra Leone and Cape Verde.
    In February 1826 LEVEN supported the troops in the war with the Ashanti.
    By the time she returned home later that year, thirty thousand miles of coast had been surveyed and 83 charts prepared.
    VIDAL continued the work in BARRACOUTA until the end of the year.
  • Capt. WASHINGTON of the Royal Geographical Society wrote:
  • "This giant survey might be said to have been drawn with drops of blood.
    Twice he changed his whole crew and officers Boteler and Skyring fell sacrifice and the crews of EDEN and RAVEN have all but shared the same fate."

  • His officers considered him a humane and kindly man but between April and June 1822 he punished 26 men, including one with 50 lashes, nine with 48 and six with 27.
    The Admiralty described this as a "heavy" return of punishment.
  • He published 'A Narrative of Voyages to Explore the Shores of Africa, Arabia and Madagascar in HM Ships Leven and Barracouta' in two volumes in 1833.
  • Capt. OWEN was appointed to EDEN in February 1827.
  • 1827 convict hulk at Chatham.
    Broken up in July 1848.

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