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MAGICIENNE (32) Taken by Capt. DOUGLAS of CHATHAM (50) in North America on 2 September 1781. Burnt 1810.
  • On 4 June 1794 MAGICIENNE, Capt. C. MARTIN, took part in the reduction of Port-au-Prince (now capital of Haiti, then San Domingo). During her co-operation with the army under Brigadier-general Whyte against the French in San Domingo her loss by yellow fever amounted to about 70 officers and men.
  • In the spring of 1796 MAGICIENNE, Capt. William Henry RICKETTS, 01/1796, was employed off La Havre under the orders of Sir W. Sidney SMITH; but in the following autumn she returned to the Jamaica Station where she soon made many captures. Among them were: 1 November off San Domingo, CERF VOLANT (18) a corvette having on board despatches for the French Directory and delegates to the National Assembly; LA FORTUNE, a privateer of 8 guns and 74 men; on 1 January 1797 LE POISSON VOLANT of 12 guns and 80 men; and two Spanish brigs laden with cocoa.
  • In January and February 1797 her boats under the command of Lieut. John MAPLES cut out two French privateers and a Spanish armed brig from different anchorage at the west end of Puerto Rico.
    On 6 April, in company with REGULUS (44) she destroyed eleven merchantmen in the harbour of Cape Roxo, spiked two guns and brought out two vessels without loss.

    La Magicienne 24 April 1797
    "On Sunday the 23rd. inst. when doubling Cape Tiberoon (Cap Tiburon, most westerly point in Haiti), in company with REGULUS and FORTUNE, schooner, we discovered a 6-gun sloop and four schooners at anchor in Careasse Bay which convinced me that the post of Irois (Les Irois) was attacked. Soon after, the alarm gun was fired at the fort. As no time was to be lost in endeavouring to counteract the views of the enemy, we stood in and anchored then commenced a heavy cannonade, and had the good fortune, in a short time, to drive them into the mountains. Their field pieces, ammunition, provisions, and vessels laden with necessaries for carrying on the siege, fell into our hands.
    The good conduct of every officer and man belonging to our little squadron, manifested itself upon this occasion, as well as many others since I have had the honour to command it.
    I have to regret the loss of 4 men killed, and Mr Morgan, masters-mate, and 10 men wounded in la MAGICIENNE's boat when endeavouring to tow out the sloop.
    (signed) William Ricketts

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