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MARLBOROUGH (96) 2nd rate Built in 1706, Portsmouth , a renamed and rebuilt ST. MICHAEL of 1669.
Reduced to 68 guns in 1752.
Foundered in 1762.

    Built at Portsmouth in 1669 as ST. MICHAEL, renamed following a rebuild.
  • 1743 Capt. CORNWALL, and Adm. MATTHEWS in the NAMUR finding that they could not come up with the French, bore down together upon the Spanish Admiral in the ROYAL PHILIP and his second astern, the ISABELLA, and began an action within pistol shot at about half past one. The gallant Captain CORNWALL had lost both his legs by an unfortunate shot and at three o'clock her main and mizzen masts were brought down, which completed the death of her commander. Nevertheless she continued to fight bravely under her lieutenant, although she had no assistance from her neighbours in the line who continued lying to windward and firing at the ships out of range astern.
    The ROYAL PHILIP lying disabled with her stern to the MARLBOROUGH, her second gone and the ship astern had not yet come up, the ANN GALLEY fire ship was ordered to go down and burn him. But before she could be got ready the Spanish ships astern passed by Adm. LESTOCK who fired broadsides at the sternmost ship. The ANN GALLEY was approaching the ROYAL PHILIP and was within her own length when she went down blazing taking Capt. MACKEY, his lieutenant, gunner and 12 men with her. 50 Spaniards who had been sent in a launch to take the ANN, perished at the same time. About five o'clock the MARLBOROUGH, almost torn to pieces, was towed out of the line. MARLBOROUGH lost her Captain and had 40 men killed and 100 wounded. 1756 Capt. Wittewronge TAYLOR, and not long after he removed to the ROYAL WILLIAM.
  • 1752 reduced to 68 guns.
  • 1757 Capt. Robert FAULKNER, he was appointed for the purpose of giving him rank as post captain.
  • 1761 Capt. John HOLLWELL, Flag captain under Admiral RODNEY for the expedition sent against Martinique.
  • 1762 Capt. Thomas BURNETT, MARLBOROUGH foundered in the Atlantic on 29 November 1762 on her passage home from Havana.
  • 1744 Capt. James CORNWALL, with Ad. Thomas MATTHEW's fleet blockading the Franco-Spanish fleet in Toulon. MARLBOROUGH joined on 3 February.
  • On 9 February the combined fleet sailed from Toulon and formed line of battle in the outer road. MATTHEWS signalled form line of battle but the wind was too light and by nightfall most ships were still out of station. As soon as the moon set the combined fleet moved further away, unobserved by the ships set to watch them. The following day MATTHEWS apPROached the enemy very slowly, with Vice Ad. LESTOCK's squadron about 5 miles astern. MARLBOROUGH supported the flag-ship, NAMUR, and attacked the ISABELA (80) which lost nearly 300 kiled and wounded. MARLEBOROUGH was hard pressed and had only her fore-mast standing, but the ships astern did not come to her aid, Capt. CORNWALL had both legs taken off by a shot and died soon afterwards; his nephew, Lieut. Frederick CORNWALL took command. MATTHEWS signalled for boats to tow MARLBOROUGH clear. MARLBOROUGH also lost Robert COTTON, master, Capt. Godfrey of the marines and 40 seamen and marines killed, and Lieut. Frederick CORNWALL and 120 seamen and marines wounded, 20 mortally. MATTHEWS gave up the chase on the 13th, saying that his orders were to PROtect Italy. Capt. BURRISH of DORSETSHIRE was court martialled for lying inactive for half an hour when he might have assisted MARLBOROUGH. he was found guilty and dismissed the service. Other captains and officers also faced courts martial as did MATTHEWS, who was cashiered.
  • 1762 MARLBOROUGH, Capt. John HOLLWELL, was Rear Ad. George RODNEY's flagship in the expedition against Martinique in January and in June, under Capt. Thomas BURNETT, with Ad. POCOCK at the reduction of Havana. MARLBOROUGH, DRAGON and CAMBRIDGE bombarded Fort Moro for several hours but were so damaged they had to be called off. MARLBOROUGH had 2 killed and 8 wounded. In November MARLBOROUGH sailed for England with other warships, Spanish prizes and about 50 transports. After losing contact with Ad. POCOCK, she met very heavy weather and on the 29th she had to be abandoned in a sinking condition. All her people were taken off by Capt. GRAVES of the ANTELOPE (50) and she was destroyed.

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