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MONKEY (12) Gun-brig Built in 1801, Rochester.
Lost in 1810.

  • 1803 Lieut. Henry WEIR, Nore.
    May 1803 Lieut. TILLARD, King's Channel in the Thames estuary.
    By June she was cruising between Orfordness and Yarmouth protecting trade against attacks from privateers and recruiting seamen for the fleet.
  • In August 1804 she was in dock at Sheerness and when she was undocked on 10 September the CURLEW went in.
    MONKEY and RIFLEMAN sailed for the Downs on the 17th.
  • 1805 Rd. W. SIMMONDS, Channel.
  • 1808 Lieut. Thos.
    FITZGERALD, North Sea.
    On her way to resuming her station after leaving a convoy MONKEY, in company with LYNX, sighted a lugger to which they gave chase.
    The lugger joined two others and they took up a position within the reefs off Dais Head near Rostock.
    Because the water was too shallow for LYNX, her boats and MONKEY made their way through the intricate channels among the reefs with an on-shore wind until the brig anchored within a half-gun-shot of them.
    MONKEY grounded but was got off without damage.
    After two broadsides the luggers cut and ran on shore where the carronade in the launch drove the enemy out of them.
    When the three luggers were brought out a barrel of gunpowder was found by the fireplace on the largest where it had been placed by the Danes to blow up the vessel.
  • 1810 Ditto, Basque Roads.
    The boats of ARMIDE, CADMUS, DARING and MONKEY attacked an enemy convoy off the Ile de Re on 4 May.
    Seventeen vessels were captured under heavy fire, thirteen of them were burnt and others left on shore.
  • Lieut. Fitzgerald.
    On 25 December 1810 MONKEY was wrecked near Belle Isle.
    A Court Martial was held on board HMS CLADIATOR at Portsmouth on 25 May 1814 to try the surviving officers and ship's company for her loss on their return from captivity.
    It appeared in evidence that MONKEY had been greatly distressed by gales of wind for nine days which prevented her determining her position.
    One night she was flung between two rocks which sheltered her from the heavy sea and Lieut. Fitzgerald attempted to swim ashore.
    He was crushed between the ship and the rocks which, from his shrieks, broke his legs because he sunk and was swept away.

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