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MUTINE (16) Cut out by the boats of MINERVE and LIVELY under Lieut. Thomas HARDY at Santa Cruz on 29 May 1797.
Sold in 1807.

  • First commanded as a British ship by Lieut. HARDY in August 1797.
    On 13 August 1798 MUTINE sailed from Egypt for Naples carrying duplicate dispatches from NELSON with news of the Battle of the Nile. She was commanded for the voyage by Lieut. Hon. Thomas CAPEL and on arrival Naples on 3 September he handed over MUTINE to the 18 year old William HOSTE.
    NELSON's orders to HOSTE instructed him to provision ship and then cruise some 25 30 miles off the coast between Syracuse and Cape Passaro carrying dispatches.
    He was able to pass these on to NELSON on 14 September.
    MUTINE re-provisioned at Gibraltar, returned to Naples on 15 October and sailed the next day for Smyrna with dispatches for the Ambassador at Constantinople.
  • When she returned at the beginning of 1799 she was employed in a close watch on the French who now occupied Naples.
    After a summer refit at Port Mahon she spent the autumn overseeing the surrender of the French garrison at Civita Vecchia.
    On 2 September 1800 she captured the French brig DUE FRATELLI sailing from Bastia to Toulon in ballast.
    In February 1801 MUTINE met the JOSEPH cutter at Minorca and they exchanged dispatches.
    MUTINE brought the news that Rear-Ad. WARREN's squadron had been well up with Gantheaume's squadron taking troops to Egypt but they had been separated in a gale off Sardinia and the French had been obliged to return to Toulon with three line-of-battle ships dismasted. She took JOSEPH's dispatches on to Egypt.
    In 1801 MUTINE moved up the Adriatic to Trieste.
  • 1802 Lord William FITZROY. She returned to Portsmouth on 4 September 1802 and sailed for Chatham on the 9th. to be paid off.
  • 1803 Chatham.
    In 1806 MUTINE took part in Lord EXMOUTH's punitive expedition against the Dey of Algiers.
    During the bombardment she was anchored off the port bow of IMPREGNABLE (98), the other sloops keeping under way.
  • 1807 Chatham.

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