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OBERON (16) Brig Built in 1805, Hull.
Broken up in 1816.

  • 1806 George Manners SUTTON, 01/1806, Downs North Sea.
    On the 13 November 1807 some 30 miles east of Lowestoft, he captured the French privateer lugger RATIFIA after a chase of four hours. She was carrying 14 guns but only two were mounted, the rest being in the hold, and was commanded by Lieut. Gilbert Laforeste. The privateer had sailed from Delfzijl in the Ems on the 9th. and had made no captures. Capt. SUTTON found himself with 38 prisoners so made for Yarmouth Roads to land them.
    Capt. SUTTON removed to DERWENT in April 1810.
  • 1811 John MURRAY, Downs.
  • 1812 Ditto, Leith.
    On 18 March 1813 OBERON sailed from Leith to search for two American schooners, privateers said to be cruising between Shetland and Norway to lay in wait for whalers returning from Greenland waters.
    On 20 March she spoke the Whitby whaler ESK, but she had not seen any suspicious vessels.
    At about 10pm on Saturday 3 April OBERON, after an unsuccessful cruise, entered the Sound at Lerwick in the Shetlands where ESK was sheltering from storms and adverse winds(*).
  • 1815 Ditto, Sheerness.

    (*) Note from Ian Jackson.

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