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OCEAN (98) Built in 1805, Woolwich.
Broken up in 1875.

  • 1806 Capt. THOMAS, blockade of Cadiz as flagship of Vice Ad. Lord COLLINGWOOD.
    A squadron under Ad. PURVIS took over the blockade when Lord COLLINGWOOD sailed for the Dardanelles with a diplomatic mission under Sir Arthur Paget.
  • France and Russia had signed a peace treaty in July 1806 but the Russian Vice Ad. Seniavin fought on in the Adriatic.
    An expedition under Vice Ad. DUCKWORTH attacked Constantinople in an attempt to capture the Turkish fleet at the beginning of 1807 but withdrew after losing 29 killed and 235 wounded.
    He refused to join Seniavin another attempt and sailed for Egypt to capture Alexandria on 22 March.
    Seniavin fought a battle with the Turks at Lemnos on 19 June.
  • At the end of August OCEAN, QUEEN, REPULSE, CANOPUS, MONTAGUE, MALTA, HIND, HERALD, PHILOMEL, DELIGHT and ELECTRA were lying at anchor off the Straits.
    KENT was surveying Skiro and SEAHORSE was at Paros to see if either were fit for shelter for the squadron.
  • Sir Arthur Paget's mission to secure the return of Seniavin to the Black Sea failed when the Porte refused to listen to any propositions unless the Royal Navy left the Archipelago and the army quit Egypt.
    Meanwhile Russia and France had signed the Treaty of Tilsit which COLLINGWOOD understood to mean that the Russian ships would come under French control so he escorted Seniavin from Corfu to the Straits of Gibraltar, being prepared to destroy them rather than let them fall into enemy hands.
    The Russians had to put into Lisbon where they were eventually taken into British custody.
  • OCEAN was back off Cadiz in the spring of 1808 as the flagship of Lord COLLINGWOOD.
    In July he was able to report that all the French forces in Andalusia had surrendered and more than 20,000 men had either been killed or taken prisoner.
    In December OCEAN was with the squadron off Toulon so that Lord COLLINGOOD could control the operations on the coast of Spain and the defence of the citadel of Rosas.
  • 1811 re-fitting at Plymouth.
  • 1812 Capt. Robert PLAMPIN, Mediterranean.
  • 1815 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1823 Capt. HARDYMAN, 11/1823, Plymouth.
  • 1825 Capt. John SYKES, 05/1825, Lisbon, bearing the flag of Lord Amelius BEAUCLERK.
  • 1827 Capt. Patrick CAMPBELL, 03/1827, guardship at Plymouth and then employed withdrawing the British troops from Portugal. She was later with the Mediterranean squadron until paid off on 15 May 1830.
  • 1831 Capt. Samuel CHAMBERS, 11/1831, Sheerness.
  • 1833 Capt. Edward BARNARD, 08/1833, Sheerness.
  • 1834 Capt. Alexander ELLICE, 08/1834, Sheerness.
  • 1836 Out of commission.
  • 1838 Capt. Sir John HILL, 07/1838.
    Depot ship at Sheerness.
  • 1841 Capt. Peter FISHER, 12/1841.
  • 1844 Capt. Richard ARTHUR, 09/1844.

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