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OISEAU (32) The French LA CLEOPATRE taken by Capt. PELLEW in NYMPHE off Start Point on 18 June 1793. Hulk 1810.
  • 1800 Capt. S. H. LINZEE, Cape of Good Hope Plymouth.
    On 30 October 1800 seaman John BROWN was tried for having left his duty when on shore and absenting himself without leave.
    He was sentenced to lose three month's pay and to be reprimanded.
  • On Monday 26 January 1801 OISEAU fell in with the French national frigate DEDAIGNEUSE (36) with twenty-eight 12-pounders on her main deck, carrying dispatches from Cayenne for Rochefort.
    Capt. LINZEE chased her until noon the following day when he was joined by SIRIUS and AMETHYST off Cape Finisterre.
    On Wednesday morning the French ship surrendered after an action of 45 minutes with SIRIUS and OISEAU about two miles off Cape Belem.
    The AMETHYST was unable to get up.
    There were no British casualties but the French lost several men killed and seventeen wounded.
    The first lieutenant of OISEAU, Mr H. LLOYD, brought the prize into Plymouth on 7 February.
    On 1 February OISEAU detained the Swedish ship HOFFNUNG taking brandy from Valentia to Altona.
    On 25 February OISEAU, under the command of Capt. Lord A. FITZROY, sailed from Plymouth on a cruise off the French coast and in May she escorted six victuallers carrying bullocks and beer to the Channel fleet.
  • On 8 July the sloop SYLPH brought into Plymouth a valuable American ship from Manilla which had been detained by SYLPH and OISEAU.
    OISEAU brought back 9 empty victuallers from the fleet on 18 August.
    On 4 October the mail coach arrived in Plymouth with news of peace with France and the following day OISEAU went down into the Sound.
  • 1802 Capt. PHILLIPS. She returned to Plymouth on 4 March after cruising against smugglers and sailed again during the forenoon of the 12th. but was recalled by a signal from Rear Ad. THORNBOROUGH.
    On 10 May she went up into the harbour to be stripped and paid off.
    In the autumn she was employed as a trooper, taking disbanded Dutch troops back to Helder and the 26th. regiment to the Firth of Forth.
  • On 16 December orders came down for OISEAU to go into harbour for a survey.
    Having been in constant service for several years she was leaky and much in need of repair.
    on the 18th. she was warped up into Barnpool and the following morning on the flood tide she weighed and was brought safely to anchor in the Hamoaze prior to going into dock to be stripped.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1807 Lieut. Walter KENNEDY (as a hulk she was used as a prison ship and then lent to the Transport Board.)

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