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ONYX Built in 1808, Ipswich (Cherokee class).
Broken up in 1819.

  • 1808 Charles GILL, Sheerness.
    Some 70 miles off the Lincolnshire coast at daylight on the 1 January 1809 ONYX discovered a strange sail on the lee bow. When challenged with the private signal she hoisted Dutch colours. ONYX kept her wind until 8 o'clock then bore down on the Dutchman and brought her to action. Each attempt by the enemy to rake ONYX was foiled and at last, after most of her guns had been disabled she was forced to strike.
    He found that she was the MANLY, which the Dutch had taken from the British in the Ems in 1806. She mounted twelve 18-pounders carronades and four long brass 6-pounders, had a complement of 94 men and was commanded by Captain-Lieutenant J. W. Heneyman. She had sailed from the Texel in company with another brig to intercept trade with Heligoland and had captured one small vessel from Emden laden with oats, In his report Capt. GILL commended the conduct of the 1st. Lieutenant, E. W. GARRETT; the 2nd Lieutenant, W. TREWREN; the acting master, G. D. LOUIS and the purser, Mr Z. WEBB.
    James LANGWORTH, a boy, was mortally wounded and James HARLOW and Thomas SMITH were wounded. On MANLY five were killed and six wounded. GILL was posted fifteen days later and Lieut. GARRETT was made a commander. Medals were awarded to the survivors in 1847.
  • 1810 Gawen William HAMILTON, Mediterranean. She took part in the siege of Cadiz under the orders of Sir Richard KEATS and returned home with dispatches early in 1811. She then returned to Cadiz where HAMILTON supervised the flotilla of 30 gunboats, which had been commanded by Thomas FELLOWES until June 1811, until he was posted to TERMAGANT on 4 December 1811.
  • 1812 Lieut. Charles SQUIRE, 12/1811, Mediterranean.
    Lieut. Charles PHILLIPS, acting in the command of ONYX, reported to Vice-Ed. PELLEW that the boats of ONYX and DESPARATE under Lieut. BIDDULPH had burnt a brig on the beach at Conil under fire from a battery.
  • 1814 Smith COBB, Spithead.
  • 1815 Ditto, Jamaica 1816 Charles STRANGEWAYS, Jamaica.
  • 1817 Deptford.
  • 1818 Sheerness.

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