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ORESTES (16) Built in 1805, Ipswich.
Sold in 1817.

  • 1806 John Richards LAPENOTIERE, North Sea.
    (He was promoted commander after bringing home Vice-Ad. COLLINGWOOD's dispatches from Trafalgar in PICKLE) In the summer of 1807 ORESTES was sent to Copenhagen with Admiral GAMBIER's fleet. She remained to protect trade through the Sound.
    On the 17 November ORESTES, while endeavouring to cut off an English vessel that had been taken by the Danes, was in action with a battery at Elsinore (Helsingor).
    A flash from the firing of one of the after guns caused an explosion in a drawer containing powder horns and a few cartridges.
    Capt. LAPENOTIERE was badly burned, the skin of his face, ears and neck being burnt off together with the greater part of his hair.
  • After the captain's recovery ORESTES was was employed on the Plymouth station where he captured the CONCEPCION (12) letter of marque and retook an American ship bound for Plymouth with timber.
  • Twenty-five miles S. W. by W. of the Lizard on the morning of the 9 May 1810 ORESTES, after a chase of seven hours, finally caught up with and captured the French privateer schooner DORADE with 10 carriage guns and 43 men.
    During the chase the FAVOURITE cut off the DORADE's escape to leeward and shot away her main and foretop-masts.
    The schooner was brand new and had sailed from the Isle de Bas the previous evening under Capt. Emmanuel Ives le Roux.
  • On 27 October 1810, when she was some 120 miles west of Scilly, ORESTES encountered a French privateer.
    After an exchange of fire for about half an hour the Frenchman struck with four men wounded out of the crew of 100. She was the LOUP GAROU of 16 guns, commanded by Charles Laurent Faures from Nantes and had left Brest two days previously for a two month cruise.
    ORESTES had no casualties and the conduct of her 1st.
    lieutenant, Mr Charles SQUAREY was much commended.
    Capt. LAPENOTIERE obtained post rank on 1 August 1811
  • October 1811 J. CARTER, Channel.
  • 1812 William R. SMITH, Channel.
    May 1814 Ditto, coast of Spain.
    January 1815 Ditto, Cork.
    April 1815 Ditto, to Lisbon and the Mediterranean.
  • 1816 Sheerness.

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