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ORPHEUS (36) Built in 1809, Deptford.
Broken up in 1819.

  • 1811 Capt. Hugh PIGOT, Leeward Is.
  • 1813 Halifax station.
    Reports having been put around that the crew of ORPHEUS would not fight against American frigates, the whole ship's company addressed a letter to Mr FAYRER, the first lieutenant on 29 January stressing their loyalty.
    It was signed by D. Collins &J. Farrel, boatswain's mates; A. Durie and J. Cropley, capts.
    forecastle; W. Saunders, gunner's mate; John Morris & J M'Cartney, capts.
    maintop; J. Nash, capt.
    foretop; J. Rosseter, capt.
    after-guard; J. Collins, gunner's mate; J. Robertson, quarter-master; Job Jenks &W. Gordon, srjts.
  • The boats of ORPHEUS under Lieut. William Martin COLLINS and Act.
    Lieut. DANCE destroyed the American letter of marque WAMPOE (8), off Block Island on 28 April 1813.
    The vessel was boarded under a heavy fire of musketry after she had been run on shore.
    Lieut. COLLINS, the only person hurt, was mortally wounded.
    The 20-gun American privateer HOLKAR was destroyed off Rhode Island on 11 May.
  • After a chase of 60 miles the United States ship FROLIC was captured 15 miles north of Matanzas Point in Cuba on 20 April 1814. She was commanded by Joseph Bainbridge and was two months into her maiden voyage from Boston. She had mounted twenty 32-pounder carronades and two long 18's but, a few minutes before striking her colours, her crew threw all her lee guns overboard and continued to jettison her shot and small arms until taken possession of.
    Her only capture was LITTLE FOX, a brig laden with fish, which was destroyed.

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