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POMONE (44) Taken by Commodore Sir J.B. WARREN's squadron off Isle Bas on 23 April 1794.
Broken up in 1802.

  • Capt. Sir J. B. WARREN, 03/1795. She and GALATEA arrived at Falmouth on 30 December 1796.
    POMONE was badly damaged and her mizzen-topmast had gone.
  • Capt. R. C. REYNOLDS, 01/1797.
    Channel. She arrived in Portsmouth on 10 May 1800 with a convoy from Lisbon and brought in with her a French privateer lugger which she had captured at the back of the Isle of Wight. She had parted from ARETHUSA, the other escort with the trade for Bristol, off Scilly.
  • On 28 May 1800 a court martial was held at Portsmouth to try George WELDON, seaman of POMONE, who was accused of striking Lieut. C. C. SKELTON while ashore on duty on 24 May.
    He was acquitted.
  • 1801 Capt. GOWER. She arrived in Portsmouth from Yarmouth on 22 April 1801 and sailed again on the 30th. with KANGAROO and a convoy for the Mediterranean.
  • She returned to Portsmouth on 16 July 1802 and sailed with other ships for Lymington on the 23rd. to collect Dutch troops.
    On the 27th. she passed through Spithead with them on her way to Cuxhaven.
  • In September POMONE struck a rock while beating into St. Aubin's Bay and sank.
    STARLING sailed for Jersey from Portsmouth on the 23rd. to fetch the stores saved from her and, when she was raised and towed into Jersey, STARLING sailed again on 2 October with two companies of shipwrights to repair her.
    POMONE arrived back in Portsmouth on 24 October accompanied by REVOLUTIONAIRE but her back had been broken and and she was judged to be not worth repairing.

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