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SERINGAPATAM (46) Built in 1819, Bombay.
Broken up in 1873.

  • 1820 Capt. William WALPOLE.
    He brought her home, loaded with the frame of another ship of the same class, and arrived in England on 16 October 1820.
  • Capt. Samuel WARREN, 12/1820, Mediterranean.
    He was one month off his fifty-first birthday when he was appointed to her.
    SERINGAPATAM conveyed Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, Ambassador to the Swedish court, to Stockholm in the summer of 1823. She was paid off at Portsmouth on 5 February 1824.
    Her officers presented Capt. WARREN with a gold snuff-box, value 30 guineas, as a token of their admiration and respect.
  • 1824 Capt. Charles SOTHEBY, 05/1824, Mediterranean.
    In May 1825 Capt. SOTHEBY, accompanied by ALACRITY, demanded satisfaction from the Bey of Rhodes, after some Egyptian troops had attacked the house of the British consul and stolen 11,000 piastres.
    The Bey, whilst admitting the act, refused to make restitution so Capt. SOTHEBY embarked the consul and his family.
    When no answer to an ultimatum was received a shot was fired into the Bey's house and this produced an immediate response.
    The consul returned home and ALACRITY was left to ensure his continuing safety.
  • In September 1826 the boats of SERINGAPATAM, under Lieut. William BURNETT, and a party of royal marines under Lieut. Parker, captured and destroyed three pirate vessels at Andros without loss to themselves.
  • 1828 Cork.
  • 1829 Capt. Hon. William WALDEGRAVE, 02/1829, South America.
  • 1833 Sheerness.
  • 1848 James RUSSELL, Master, 05/1848, Coal Depot at Cape of Good Hope.

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