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SPENCER (74) Built in 1800, Buckler's Hard.
Broken up in 1822.

  • 1801 Capt. H. D. DARBY, Channel fleet.
    On 2 June she arrived in Plymouth from the West Indies after a passage of five weeks. She had parted from the PRINCE OF WALES and the rest of Sir Robert CALDER's squadron in the chops of the Channel during a thick fog. She sailed again on the 15th. with a squadron under Sir James SAUMAREZ (CAESAR, POMPEE, HANNIBAL AUDACIOUS, THAMES, ADMIRAL PAISLEY and PLYMOUTH lugger.) they were victualled and stored for five months, twenty tons of vegetables and 2,000 cwt of fresh beef being taken on board them by the gun boats.
  • On 6 July 1801 SPENCER was with a squadron under rear Ad. Sir James SAUMAREZ which attacked three French line of battle ships and a frigate in Algeciras Bay.
    The French ran ashore under their batteries as gun boats came out to assist them.
    HANNIBAL grounded and was captured.
    SPENCER lost R. SPENCER, 1st. class volunteer, and 5 seamen killed and Jos, CHATTERTON, midshipman, 23 seamen and 3 marines wounded.
  • On 20 January 1802 ST GEORGE, VANGUARD, SPENCER and POWERFUL sailed from Gibraltar for Jamaica, with WARRIOR to follow as soon as she had watered in Tetuan.
    Letters home from SPENCER dated Jamaica on 18 February mentioned the very healthy state of the squadron.
  • SPENCER returned to Plymouth on 4 September and anchored in Cawsand Bay, Commodore DARBY's broad pennant flying at the main.
  • Orders came down from the Admiralty on 20 October for three ships of the line, one being SPENCER, to be got ready for commission.
  • 1803 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1805 Capt. Robert STOPFORD, Spithead North Sea.
  • She accompanied Lord NELSON to Egypt in his search for Villeneuve's Toulon fleet and joined the pursuit across the Atlantic.
    When NELSON returned from England to resume command of the Mediterranean fleet Rear Ad. LOUIS was detached to Tetuan and Gibraltar with CANOPUS, QUEEN, SPENCER, TIGRE and ZEALOUS to procure supplies of water and provisions.
    He was waiting for a wind to carry him back through the Gut when a valuable convoy arrived from England and he was ordered to escort it past Cartagena where nine sail of the line were waiting.
    The squadron actually sailed from Gibraltar on the same day that Villeneuve and the combined fleet quitted Cadiz to meet their fate off Cape Trafalgar.
  • On 6 February 1806 SPENCER was with Sir John DUCKWORTH's squadron of seven ships of the line and four frigates in an action off San Domingo with five French ships of the line, two frigates and a corvette.
    Three of the former were taken and the other two driven ashore.
    On board SPENCER Martin OATES, boatswain, 14 seamen and 3 marines were killed and Capt. STOPFORD, Lieut. James HARRIS, Lieut. James Cuthbertson of the marines, William NEAME, midshipman, 40 seamen and 6 marines wounded.
    In the squadron as a whole 74 were killed and 264 wounded.
    (See SUPERB)
  • 1807 The boats of SPENCER destroyed the castle at the entrance to Flakery Harbour on the evening of 18 October.
    Lieut. James HARRIS, the gunner and two seamen were lost.
  • 1808 Capt. John QUILLIAM, 06/1808.
    flagship of Robert STOPFORD, now promoted to Rear Admiral, with the Channel fleet.
  • 1811 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1814 Capt. Richard RAGGETT, America.
  • 1816 Capt. W. R. BROUGHTON, Plymouth.
  • Towards the end of 1818 Sir Josias ROWLEYC. in C. Irish station for three years with his flag in SPENCER.

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