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STANDARD (64) 3rd rate Built in 1782, Deptford DY.
Harbour service in 1799.
Broken up in 1816.

  • 1784 Capt. W. DICKSON, guardship at Plymouth.
  • 1800 Lieut. DALBY, convalescence ship at Sheerness.
  • 1803 in ordinary at Chatham.
  • 1805 Capt. Thomas HARVEY, fitting out at Gravesend.
  • 1806 Mediterranean. She was with the fleet under Vice Ad. Sir John DUCKWORTH off Constantinople at the end of the year. She had one officer and two seamen wounded in forcing the passage of the Dardanelles on 19 February 1807
  • On 27 February a party of marines from CANOPUS, which had been sent to clear a few Turks from the island of Prota, asked for assistance.
    Marines and boats manned and armed were sent from ROYAL GEORGE, WINDSOR CASTLE and STANDARD with directions to bring off CANOPUS's people but to avoid being drawn into danger.
  • The information that only a few Turks remained was false.
    About 100 had retired to an old convent which they defended with musket fire.
    Four officers and men were killed and eight wounded.
    STANDARD's casualties were one officer and one non commissioned officer of marines wounded.
  • She had more casualties as the fleet returned through the Dardanelles on 3 March when four seamen were killed, one officer, three petty officers and 43 others wounded.
    Four seamen were reported missing.
  • During the three actions Lieut. HARRINGTON and Lieut. Fynmore RM
    were badly wounded.
    the other wounded included Mr William SHORBRIDGE, boatswain; Mr John HAINES, master's mate, and Messrs. William SMITH and Charles JAY, midshipmen.
  • On 20 March 1808 STANDARD and ACTIVE gave chase to the Italian brig of war FRIEDLAND (16), off Corfu.
    After several hours the enemy's topmasts went over the side as she attempted to round Cape Blanco and ACTIVE was able to take possession of her.
    Capt. HARVEY gave Capt. MOUBRAY directions to take the prize and the prisoners to Malta.
    Commodore Don Amilcar Paolucci, commanding the Italian marine, was found on board her.
  • At daylight on 16 June 1808 STANDARD, again off Corfu, fell in with two enemy vessels, an Italian gunboat VOLPE armed with an iron 4-pounder and a French dispatch boat LEGERA.
    When the wind fell he sent Lieut. Richard CULL in the pinnace and Capt. NICHOLLS, RM
    in the cutter in pursuit of them.
    After two hours rowing in the hot sun they came up with VOLPE which greeted them with a fire of musketry to which they replied with swivels before approaching to board.
    The gunboat opened up on the cutter with round and grape but Capt. NICHOLLS rushed on board and took possession of her while Lieut. CULL went after LEGERA.
    Meanwhile the yawl under Lieut. John ALEXANDER had been launched to cut LEGERA off and forcing her to run ashore about four miles north of Cape St. Mary.
    The enemy crew took refuge on the rocks above her and kept up a continuous fire of musketry which did not prevent Lieut. ALEXANDER, who was soon joined by the other two officers, from taking possession and towing LEGERA out without loss.
  • Both enemy vessels were burnt.
    A French ensign, a passenger in LEGERA, was taken prisoner, together with ensign Monier, on the staff of General Dougelet of Corfu, who was taken in VOLPE.

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