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SULTAN (74) Built in 1807, Deptford.
Receiving ship in 1860.

  • 1807 Capt. Edward GRIFFITH, Nore.
  • 1808 Ditto, Mediterranean.
  • In October 1809 SULTAN was with Rear Ad. MARTIN's division; CANOPUS, RENOWN, TIGRE, LEVIATHAN and CUMBERLAND.
    On the 24th. they fell in with a French squadron off the mouth of the Rhone and the following day chased them on shore.
    The enemy were the ROBUST (84), Rear Ad. Baudain, and the LEON (74) off Frontignan and the BOREE and a frigate at the entrance to the port of Cette.
    Because of the shoal water it was impossible to get close enough to the two line-of-battle ships.
    On the 26th. the Rear Admiral sent boats to see if there was a channel but the French saved him the trouble by setting fire to their own ships.
  • 1811 Capt. John WEST, Mediterranean.
    On 4 December her boats, under the direction of Lieuts. ANDERSON and WOODCOCK, captured two French national vessels off Bastia.
    One was a settee of 8 guns and 31 men, the other a brig of 6 guns and 53 men.
    SULTAN's boats had only four men wounded, the enemy had one killed and several wounded.
  • 1814 Ditto, Channel Fleet.
    By the end of 1815 she was out of commission at Portsmouth.

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