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SUPERIEURE (14) Taken from the French by Capt. BAYNTUN's squadron off San Domingo on 30 June 1803.
Broken up in 1814.

  • 1804 Lieut. W. C. FROMOW, Jamaica.
    He sank the barge LE MARDIGRAS (2), and sent her crew of 24 white men to Jamaica.
    On 6 February 1804 he captured the French privateer schooner SERPENT after a chase of two hours and on 28 February he retook the English sloop PHOENIX from Bermuda.
  • 1806 Edward RUSHWORTH, Jamaica.
    On 25 August 1806 Rear-Ad DACRES ordered STORK, SUPERIEURE and the schooners FLYING FISH and PIKE to bring out or destroy privateers based at Batabano in Cuba.
    On their arrival off the Isle of Pines they found that the water was too shallow for STORK to approach closer than 90 miles to the harbour of Batabano so SUPERIEURE and the two schooners were reinforced with men and boats from STORK.
    Capt. RUSHWORTH landed on the morning of 3 September with eighteen men from STORK, thirty-five from SUPERIEURE, and ten from FLYING FISH to guard the boats.
    They had landed about 2 miles across marshy ground from a battery but soldiers who tried to ambush them were routed leaving two killed.
    They pushed forward and carried a fort in three minutes, the enemy fleeing in all directions.
    Six long 18-pounders were spiked and then they cut out and destroyed six armed vessels (one of which was a French privateer of 4 guns) and six coasting vessels.
    Two days later SUPERIEURE captured a Spanish armed schooner ST. JOHN of 3 guns and 32 men.
  • SUPERIEURE sailed for England in the summer of 1806 accompanying SURVEILLANTE, HERCULE and FORTUNEE as escorts to a convoy of about 200 merchantmen.
    A Spanish convoy escorted by a 74-gun ship and two guarda costas was sighted off Havana and SUPERIEURE and FORTUNEE were sent in pursuit.
    they captured the gun vessels and 20 merchant ships laden with sugar.
  • 1807 Fitting out at Portsmouth for Jamaica.
    John BULLER, Leeward Is.
    After an action of an hour and a half on 17 October 1807 SUPERIEURE captured the French privateer schooner JOPO D'OEIL about 350 miles east of Barbados.
    Early in the action Capt. BULLER was killed by a musket ball in the head while he was attempting to board and Lieut. John G. BIRD took over command.
    The privateer was pierced for 14 guns but had only six 18-pounders mounted.
    With a crew of 95 men she was 32 days out of Point a Petre, Guadeloupe.
    SUPERIEURE lost four killed and eight wounded, the enemy fifteen killed and nineteen wounded.
  • 1808 W. FERRIE, Leeward Is.
  • 1811 Deptford.

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