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SUWARROW (10) Hired armed lugger Hired armed lugger, ex BLACK JOKE(?).
  • 1800 Lieut. James NICHOLSON, Torbay-Plymouth. She parted from Admiral GARDNER's fleet during a gale on the 21 December 1799 and was blown into the Bay of Biscay but fortunately the wind changed and she was able to reach Bantry, very short of provisions. She arrived at Plymouth on the 7 January and sailed for Torbay three days later.
  • Lieut. NICHOLSON arrived in Plymouth on the 12 March from the Passage du Raz where he he had fallen in with three French luggers, one mounting 10 guns and the other two eight.
    He drove them off and captured three chasse maree, two of which were laden with wines, and sent them to Falmouth.
    Four days later he sailed to join REPULSE and AGAMEMNON off the Penmarks and returned on the 5 April.
  • On 5 June SUWARROW arrived with dispatches from Earl ST. VINCENT which she had left all well three days earlier. She fell in with and captured a a chasse-maree going from Morlaix to Bordeaux with 300 louis to buy a cargo of brandy.
  • During May Lieut. NICHOLSON had reconnoitred Belleisle.
    When he returned in August he found that every point or creek that was not fortified before had now been put in a state of defence.
  • On 12 September Lieut. NICHOLSON discovered under two batteries near Camaret Point a French brig, LA PROVIDENCE, with wine, soap and brandy for the Brest fleet.
    He succeeded in cutting her out despite the heavy enemy fire.
  • Capt. Sir Richard STRACHAN in CAPTAIN chased a French convoy in to the Morbihan on the 23 November where they came under the protection of shore batteries and a 24-gun corvette.
    MAGICIENNE forced the corvette into Port Navale were she took the shore.
    SUWARROW towed in four boats with Lieut. HANNAH of CAPTAIN and a party of seamen and marines.
    The NILE and the LURCHER towed in four others.
    They landed under heavy fire of grape and musketry, set the corvette on fire and saw her blow up with a tremendous explosion.
    Only one man was killed, a shot struck the fluke of SUWARROW's anchor through his head.
    Since SUWARROW's sails and rigging were badly cut up and her anchors had been shot away she had to be towed by CAPTAIN.
  • SUWARROW sailed on 21 December to cruise off the Penmarks where she was attached to the squadron under Sir. E. PELLOW and on 5 February 1801 Lieut. NICHOLSON sent into Plymouth the JEUNNE NANNETTE of 18 guns and 45 men, commanded by Lieut. Feuqueux. She had been bound for Bordeaux from Cayenne with a valuable cargo plus a number of deported priests who were mere skeletons after their confinement.
    SUWARROW had previously sent in four Danes and had only 16 men and boys on board when she chased her superior opponent and forced her to strike.
  • On the 23 June, while off Santander, SUWARROW was chased by a Spanish 44-gun frigate and a gun-brig for 14 hours.
    When they gained upon her Lieut. NICHOLSON was obliged to cut his bulwarks and throw all his guns overboard.
    He succeeded in escaping only when darkness fell.
    Admiral CORNWALLIS entrusted him with dispatches and sent him home for a refit.
  • On 28 October 1801 in common with the other hired craft after the Treaty of Amiens, she was paid off and her crew discharged.

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