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SWAN (10) Hired cutter No details.
  • 1800 Lieut. STANLEY, Irish Station. She came into Plymouth Sound briefly on 6 March with the FLYING MERCURIUS of Bremen which she had detained while on passage to Bordeaux.
  • 1801 John LUCKRAFF, acting lieutenant, Dartmouth.
    On 1 March, three miles S. W. of Praule Point, he captured a small French privateer lugger VENGEUR, commanded by M. Le Roy, and mounting two large swivels.
    With a crew of 17 men (one wounded) she was ten days out of St. Malo.
    In the bad weather Lieut. LUKRAFF had the misfortune to lose one of his cutter's best boats boarding the privateer.
    Lieut. Philip BROWNE.
    He intercepted and seized several notorious smugglers and moved to VIXEN in May 1802.
  • On 4 July 1802 orders were received at Portsmouth for SWAN, SERPENT and BULLDOG to be put in commission.
  • On 26 October 1803 SWAN sailed from Portsmouth for Plymouth with four copper-bottomed transports to pick up troops for Cork.
  • 1804 Lieut. W. R. WALLACE, North Sea.
    On 26 January 1805 she took a Dutch privateer cutter FLIP.
    The Dutchman had sailed on the 19th. and had taken a brig which SWAN recovered.
    Lieut. WALLACE sent them both into Yarmouth Roads.
  • 1808.
    Lieut. Mark Robinson LUCAS.
    On 24 May 1808, while carrying dispatches from Sir James SAUMAREZ in the Flemish Roads, Gothenburg, to Sir Samuel HOOD, she attacked an 8-gun Danish cutter of about 120bm off Bornholm.
    Lieut. LUCAS had decoyed her about a mile off shore by flying the Danish jack for a pilot.
    The Dane blew up after an action lasting twenty minutes but, because of fire from the shore, SWAN was obliged to quit the area immediately without looking for survivors.
    SWAN suffered no damage or casualties.

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