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TREMENDOUS (74) Built in 1784, Deptford.
Rebuilt in 1810.
Renamed GRAMPUS in 1845.
Hulk in 1856.

  • 1799 Capt. J. C. SERLE, Cape of Good Hope.
    On 25 April 1799 JUPITER, TREMENDOUS and ADAMANT recaptured off the Isle of France, the CHANCE merchant vessel which, laden with rice, had been cut out out of Balasore Roads by the French frigate FORTE.
    The prize was later lost off Madagascar.
    TREMENDOUS detained the Prussian ship THREE BROTHERS, laden with naval stores from Bordeaux, as she was going into Port Louis on 7 May.
  • The American ship PACIFIC, laden with bale goods and sugar, which had been run ashore by the French near the River Noir, Isle Of France, was retaken by JUPITER, TREMENDOUS and ADAMANT on 10 May.
  • 1800 Capt. OSBORN, Cape of Good Hope.
    On 11 December 1799 TREMENDOUS and ADAMANT gave chase to a French frigate, the FRENEUSE (44) which ran on shore on the west side of the River Tombeau about 3 miles from Port Louis.
    After firing several broadsides at her the boats were sent in to destroy her under Lieut. Gray of ADAMANT, assisted by Lieut. WALKER of the same ship and Lieut. SYMES of TREMENDOUS.
    Under heavy fire from the batteries they set fire to her and shortly afterwards she blew up.
    The boats returned with the officers and some of the crew.
  • During the same cruise TREMENDOUS captured the Spanish brig N. S. DEL CARMEN laden with coffee, indigo and bale goods and bound from the Ile de France to Rio de la Plata.
    TREMENDOUS returned to the Cape in February 1800.
  • 1805 Ditto, East Indies.
  • 1807 in ordinary at Chatham.

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