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TRINCOMALEE (16) Purchased in 1799.
Lost in action the same year.

  • 1799 Lieut. John ROWE, Bombay.
    TRINCOMALEE and COMET were sent from Bombay to join Commodore BLANKET's squadron in the Persian Gulf and, in October, they were dispatched from Muscat to intercept two French frigates which had captured the PEARL belonging to Mr Manesty, the company's Resident at Bussorah. TRINCOMALEE met up with the frigates and had engaged the IPHEGENIE (24) at close quarters for twenty minutes when both vessels suddenly blew up. The COMET launched boats but could find nothing but wreckage and four lascars belonging to TRINCOMALEE. The French lost about 115 killed. The British ships had wished to avoid action because of the great superiority of the enemy but the French had the advantage of the wind.

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