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VICTORIEUSE (12) Brig A brig taken from the French by Admiral DUNCAN off the Texel on 31 August 1795.
Broken up in 1805.

  • Her first commander was Capt. MAINWARING, 10/1795.
  • 1799 Edward Stirling DICKSON, 11/1796, Jamaica.
    On 3 December 1798 VICTORIEUSE and ZEPHYR landed a major and forty men of the York Rangers, together with a party of seamen, near the river Caribe in the island of Margarita.
    The plan was for the land force to attack Spanish forts from the rear while the two brigs bombarded them from the sea, but the commandant surrendered before a shot was fired and the troops were re-embarked with all the captured guns.
  • The same evening a French privateer of six guns and eighty men, the COULEUVE, was discovered in the harbour of Gurupano under the protection of the guns of two forts.
    Troops and seamen were immediately landed and the two brigs opened fire on the forts, one of which mounted four guns, the other two.
    In a quarter of an hour both forts and the privateer had been taken but the garrison, estimated at about 300 men, and the crew of the COULEUVE, made good their escape.
    The British lost two men killed and two wounded.
  • 1800 John RICHARDS, Plymouth.
    VICTORIEUSE went out into the Sound on 30 October and, during the severe gale on the 8 November, when many ships were lost along the coast, she parted one of her cables.
    The people in the dockyard brought down new anchors and cables and secured her.
    When an express arrived in Plymouth on 5 December with urgent dispatches for Lisbon and the Straits they were sent on board VICTORIEUSE and Capt. RICHARDS sailed immediately.
  • On the 22 December the Surgeon and the Master of VICTORIEUSE were found guilty, by a court martial at Plymouth, of disrespect to their captain and sentenced to serve as mates.

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