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VOLCANO Bomb Ex HERON, renamed in 1810.
Sold in 1816.

  • 1813 W. F. CARROLL, coast of Catalonia.
    On 3 June 1813 VOLCANO, STROMBOLO, THAMES, BRUNE and eight gunboats under the command of Rear Ad. HALLOWELL in INVINCIBLE covered the landing of troops to invest a fort overlooking a pass on the road from Tortosa to Tarragona.
    A battery of 6 and 12 pounders was dragged up to a ridge on a mountain side were they were supplied with ammunition by seamen and marines under an incessant fire of shells and grape.
    Five 24-pounders and two 8" mortars were landed and, despite the immense weight of the guns, they were manhandled up under the direction of Capt. CARROLL.
    This operation was not completed until the 7th. because of violent rain and the fact that they could only work at night.
    CARROLL was badly shaken when a shell exploded near him during the night of the 6th. and the work had to be completed by Capt. STODDART of STROMBOLO.
    In the event the large guns were not needed.
    After Lieut. JAMES, RMA, of STROMBOLO opened fire with the mortars and blew up a magazine, the fort showed a white flag.
    Four officers, 16 Italian artillery men, and 83 soldiers of the 11th. French regiment surrendered and 17 guns and mortars were taken together with large quantities of powder and shot and 110 muskets.
  • James GASSON, RMA, gunner was killed and ordinary seamen John HUNTER and James FAIRHEAD were severely wounded.
  • 1813 David PRICE, 06/12/13, Mediterranean.
    He was ordered to North America in the summer of 1814 to join Sir Alexander COCHRANE's fleet off the entrance to Baltimore harbour where he joined in the bombardment of Fort M'Henry.
    Later he served in the Potomac under Rear Ad. Pultney MALCOLM.
  • On 31 October 1814, while escorting a merchantman to Jamaica PRICE nearly succeeded in capturing an American privateer schooner SAUCY JACK (7), but her superior speed enabled her to escape after receiving a couple of broadsides.
    Lieut. FURZER of the Royal Marine Artillery and two other members of the crew were killed, the Americans losing 7 killed and 14 wounded.
  • During the operations against New Orleans VOLCANO was stationed off the Bayou Catalan and her seamen were employed carrying ammunition up to General Keane's army.
    In a short engagement with a party of Americans PRICE was shot through the thigh.
    VOLCANO provided a diversion to cover the retreat of the British army by bombarding Fort St. Philip in the Mississippi and then took part in the siege of Fort Boyer in Mobile bay.
    After the peace VOLCANO left for home on 5 April 1815 and arrived at Portsmouth on 31 May.

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