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VOLTIGEUR (18) The French privateer L'AUDACIEUX taken by MAGNANIME in April 1798.
Sold in 1802.

  • 1800 Capt. SHORTLAND, Plymouth.
    VOLTIGEUR came into Plymouth on 27 January having experienced dreadful weather during which one man was washed overboard.
    When Lieut. RAYNOR, the prize master of the French frigate PALLAS, brought her into Penzance she was completely dismasted.
    He sent word to Mr P. Symons, the agent in Plymouth and this resulted in VOLTIGEUR being sent with spars and other stores to her assistance on the 12 February 1800. She returned on 1 March and sailed for a cruise on the 9th., bringing back seamen from Liverpool on 4 April.
    VOLTIGEUR escorted the homeward bound Newfoundland convoy in August.
  • 1801 L. THOMPSON, Newfoundland.
  • Under the command of Lieut. Thomas HILL (act.) she arrived in Portsmouth from Oporto on the 12 December 1801 having nearly been lost off Scilly in a gale on Tuesday the 8th.
    in which ten of her guns were thrown overboard and she suffered a great deal of damage.

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