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VULCAN (10) Bomb Purchased in 1796.
Sold in 1802.

  • 1797 Lieut. John HALSTEAD, HALSTEAD, a lieutenant in SUFFOLK, had been placed by Commodore RAINIER in charge of the newly established naval hospital at Madras, but when the government of Bengal determined to send an expedition against Manilla, he was ordered to go to Calcutta and take command of the VULCAN, a vessel purchased and fitted for that service.
    The expedition was abandoned before they left Prince of Wales Island and he removed to HEROINE (32).
    in November.
    In August 1800 Lieut. Peter HEYWOOD was promoted out of SUFFOLK to command VULCAN and sent in an armed transport to join her at Amboyna.
    Ian Murray* tells me that Lieut. HEYWOOD discovered a shoal approx.
    200 km north of the Bonaparte Archipelago off the north west coast of Western Australia, which was named Vulcan Shoal by Phillip Parker King of MERMAID in 1818, and first appeared on Admiralty charts in 1956.
    There are numerous dangerous shoals off the coast Seringapatam Shoal, Lively Shoal and Rowley Shoals are shown in John Tallis's maps of 1851.
  • 1801 Lieut. Charles JOHNSTON, on East Indies Station
  • VULCAN was sold in Madagascar in July 1802.

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