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WASP Fire Vessel Originally a 16-gun-brig built in 1782 she was converted into a fire vessel in 1798 Burnt 1800.
  • 1799 J. EDWARDS, Nore.
    WASP took part in the attack made by fire-vessels, gunbrigs, luggers and cutters (WASP, FALCON, DART, COMET, ROSARIO, SELBY, BOXER, TEAZER, BITER, STAG, NILE, ANN, KENT and VIGILANT) under the command of Capt. INMAN in ANDROMEDA on enemy frigates in Dunkirk Roads on 7 July 1800.
    The squadron had assembled on the 27 June but had been prevented from making the attack earlier by contrary winds. Captain CAMPBELL of DART succeeded in taking and bringing out one of the frigates but, although Capt. EDWARDS and the captains of FALCON, DART, COMET and ROSARIO remained on board until their vessels were completely in flames, the other three frigates cut their cables and escaped down the inner channel within the Braak Sand where one of them went ashore for a short while.
    WASP had no casualties.

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