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WASP (18) Built in 1812, Topsham (Cruizer class).
Broken up in 1847.

  • 1813 Thomas EVERARD, Halifax.
  • On the 13 June 1813 WASP, pursuing an American brig off Cape Sable, was joined by VALIANT and after a chase of more than 100 miles they captured the PORCUPINE letter of marque of 20 guns and 72 men sailing from Bayonne to Boston. She was more than 300 tons and only 8 months old. WASP also recaptured a prize which had been taken by the YOUNG TEAZER privateer.
  • 1814 Lieut. Richard CRAWFORD (act. Cdr), Halifax.
  • On the 28 August 1814 he recaptured his Majesty's cutter LANDRAIL which had been taken by the American privateer SYREN, of seven guns and 80 men, in July. (not to be confused with the American national brig SYREN which was captured by MEDWAY on 12 July 1814)
  • 1815 John FISHER, 07/6/1814, Halifax.
  • 1815 19 William WOLRIDGE, 18/8/1815, Mediterranean. In ordinary at Portsmouth from 1820.
  • 1829 Thomas HOSTE, 02/1829, Mediterranean 1831 Portsmouth.
  • 1834 James BURNEY, 07/1833, NAWI
  • 1836 John FOREMAN, 04/1834, NAWI Ordered home at the end of 1836.
  • 1838 Hon. D. W. PELHAM, 09/1837, Mediterranean.
  • 1840 George MANSEL, Mediterranean. WASP joined Charles NAPIER's squadron off Beirut on 30 August 1840 during Mehemet Ali's revolt against the Sultan. Ten days later 33 British, Austrian and Turkish warships were anchored off the port.
  • On 10 September, after a feint to the south which drew the rebel soldiers away, WASP accompanied the vessels covering Napier's landing some 9 miles north of the town.
  • At the end of the month WASP, together with THUNDERER, GORGON, CYCLOPS, STROMBOLI and HYDRA of the Royal Navy and an Austrian and a Turkish vessel, covered the landing at Sidon by 750 marines and 600 Turks and Austrians. When the garrison refused to surrender after a half hour's bombardment, the gunfire was renewed until a breach had been made in the walls and then the fortress was soon captured. MANSEL was posted on 28 September.
  • 1842 Hon. Henry MURRAY, Mediterranean.
  • 1844 Sidney Henry USSHER, 06/1844, Coast of Africa. Took the slaver DILIGENCIA on 16 November 1844 and the SAN DOMINGO 20 January following.
  • Off Lagos on 27 February 1845 one of WASP's boats under Lieut. Robert D. STUPART took the Brazilian slaver FELICIDADE, a schooner with a crew of 28 men. The Brazilians were transferred to WASP and Lieut. STUPART, midshipman HARMER, and 15 seamen took over the schooner.
  • On 1 March they took another slaver, ECHO, with 430 slaves. Most of her crew were moved to FELICIDADE and left with Mr HARMER and 8 seamen while Lieut. STUPART and 7 men shifted to ECHO and both vessels sailed for the prize court in Sierra Leone. When they became separated the prisoners on FELICIDADE rose against their captors and murdered them all. She was recaptured on 6 March by Robert DUNLOP in STAR. (See STAR for her further history) On 15 January 1846 WASP took the LOBO and on 17 February, with STAR, the PAQUETTE DE RIO.

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