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WATCHFUL (12) Gun-brig Purchased in 1804, ex JANE.
Sold in 1814.

  • 1805 Lieut. Patrick LOWE, off Boulogne.
  • 1810 Thomas FELLOWS, Cadiz.
    From 9 October 1810 until Robert HALL arrived from Gibraltar on 15 November to command RAMBLER, FELLOWS assumed command of the 30 gunboats deployed for the defence of Cadiz which was being besieged by a French army under Marshal Soult.
    On the 11th. a large French schooner was captured while under the protection of the guns of Fort Catalina and early in the morning of the 18th. WATCHFUL was in action with a French privateer off Rota. Capt. FELLOWS commanded half the gunboats until 22 April 1811 when he assumed full command again until June 1811 when he was succeeded by William Fairbrother CARROLL. His second in command during this period was Frederick Jennings THOMAS in RAMBLER.
  • An attack was made on French gunboats at Puerto de Santa Maria on 23 November 1810 using mortar and howitzer boats under Capt. Hall. The two divisions of gunboats under Capts. FELLOWS and CARROLL together with the bombs DEVASTATION, THUNDER and AETNA, provided a diversion by firing several hundred shells at Fort Catalina from 2.30 PM until 10 p.m.
    A similar attack was made on the French flotilla at Puerta Real in December when 17 enemy vessels were destroyed.
  • On 6 March 1811 marines and seamen made two landings on either side of Fort Catalina.
    Catalina was bombarded by the HOUND and THUNDER bombs and the two gunboat divisions under Capts.
    HALL and FELLOWS attacked the other forts and redoubts. One battery south of the Guadalere mounting four guns and protected by a ditch and a stockade was successfully stormed by Capt. FELLOWS and Lieut. STYLES with men from WATCHFUL under grape fire from neighbouring batteries.

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