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WEAZLE (16) Built in 1799, Dover.
Lost in 1804.

  • 1800 W. D'URBAN (always DURBAN in Navy List), Spithead Jersey, DURBAN established marks for the inner channel along the French coast by which convoys bound for Brest could be intercepted.
    On the 19 September 1800 he captured a small French privateer cutter PETIT CHASSEUR off Portland. She was armed with one carriage gun and muskets.
    Commanded by Pierre Antonare she had sailed from Granville and taken a brig from Sunderland which Capt. DURBAN recaptured.
  • Orders came down to Plymouth on 17 February 1802 for WEAZLE to fit and victual for foreign service and on the 21st. an Admiralty messenger came express with orders for a fast sloop-of-war to be ready to start with dispatches for the Straits at a moment's warning so WEAZLE went out into the Sound. She sailed the following day directly the dispatches relating to the Peace of Amiens arrived from the Admiralty. She touched at Gibraltar and reached Malta on 24 February after a passage of only 14 days.
    From there she was she was sent to inspect Lampedusa to report on its suitability as a naval station.
  • 1803 Ditto, Mediterranean, where she was employed protecting the trade passing through the Straits of Gibraltar.
  • 1804 Lieut. William LAYMAN (acting commander), 10/OO, Mediterranean.
    On 1 March 1804 WEAZLE was driven ashore during a gale near Cabritta Point in Gibraltar Bay and smashed to pieces.
    One man was killed.
    The merchants of Gibraltar sent an address to the Governor, Sir Thomas TRIGGE, asking him to commend LAYMAN to Lord Nelson for his work and saying that the loss of WEAZLE would materially affect the security of their trade.
    Later in the year LAYMAN was appointed to RAVEN.

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