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WINDSOR CASTLE (98) Built in 1790, Deptford.
Broken up in 1839.

  • 1793 Capt. Sir Thomas BYARD (Vice Ad. CORBY). Capt. Edward COOKE, 10/1794, (Rear Ad. LINZEE). Capt. J. GORE, 04/1795. Capt. E. O'BRIEN, 12/1795, (Rear Ad. MANN).
  • 1799 Under repair at Plymouth during the spring. Capt. J. MANLEY, 08/1799. Capt. A. BERTIE, 11/1799, Channel.
  • 1800 Capt. C. WHITE.
  • 1801 Capt. J. OUGHTON, Channel. Flagship of Vice Ad. Sir Andrew MITCHELL.
  • 1803 Capt. P. C. DURHAM, fitting out at Portsmouth.
  • 1805 Capt. C. BOYLES, Channel. She was with Vice Ad. Sir Robert CALDER's squadron which engaged the Franco-Spanish combined fleet on 22 July 1805. WINDSOR CASTLE lost 10 killed and 35 wounded.
  • 1806 off Cadiz. In February 1807 she was with Vice Ad. Sir John DUCKWORTH's expedition to Constantinople.
  • On 19 February a fair wind allowed the squadron to pass the Dardanelles. As they entered the narrow passage between Sestos and Abydos they came under heavy point blank fire from both castles which wounded 7 seamen on board WINDSOR CASTLE. The squadron anchored about 8 miles from Constantinople.
  • On the 27th. it was seen that the Turks had landed on the island of prota, near which the squadron was anchored, and were erecting a battery. The marines of the squadron were landed to drive them off but nearly a hundred Turks managed to conceal themselves in an old convent. Sir Thomas LOUIS believed that there were only a few enemy remaining and sent a small detachment from CANOPUS in the afternoon to mop them up but soon had to call for assistance and marines from ROYAL GEORGE, WINDSOR CASTLE and STANDARD were landed to bring off CANOPUS's people. The launches from the squadron armed with carronades rowed guard during the night but the Turks escaped. WINDSOR CASTLE lost one seaman killed.
    Inconclusive negotiations were carried on with the Turks until 3 March when the squadron retired under heavy fire. WINDSOR CASTLE lost 4 seamen killed and Mr William JONES, Master's Mate, and 19 seamen wounded. Her main mast was more than three-quarters cut through by a lump of granite weighing more 800 pounds.
  • 1808 Under repair at Plymouth.
  • 181 Out of commission at Plymouth. Reduced to a 74 in 1814.
  • 1818 Capt. Thomas CAULFIELD, 12/1818, Plymouth.
  • 1822 Capt. Charles DASHWOOD, 01/1822, Plymouth.
  • 1824 Ditto, Lisbon.
  • 1825 Capt. Edward KING, 05/1825, Plymouth.
  • 1828 Capt. Hon. D. P. BOUVERIE, 05/1828, Mediterranean.
  • 183 Out of commission at Plymouth.
  • 1836 Used as depot at Plymouth.

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