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WRANGLER Gun-brig Built in 1805, Deptford.
Sold in 1815.

  • 1805 Lieut. J. B. PETTET, Downs - North Sea.
    Mr Charles PHILLIPS, sub-Lieutenant, in the WRANGLER's six-oared cutter captured the French transport BIEN-AIME lying under a battery of six guns and a mortar near Etaples. For this he was promoted into the ARGUS in the West Indies.
  • In the Kattegat on the 14 November 1810 WRANGLER captured the Danish privateer cutter DANNESKIOLD with two carriage guns and 12 men together with a large sailing boat armed with a swivel and muskets. They were three days out of Hals at the mouth of the Limfjorden and were bound for the Belt.
  • 1812 Lieut. J. C. CRAWFORD, Baltic.
  • On the 14 August 1812 WRANGLER was sent with the boats of VICTORY and the cutter of LOCUST to search for a French lugger reported off Randers Fjord on the east coast of Denmark. Not finding her there, Lieut. CRAWFORD moved north to Mariager Fjord and gave chase to a small Danish cruiser which was coming out. She bore up and ran into the Lim Fjorden where she took shelter under the guns of the fort at Hals. That night Lieut. PETLEY in the barge and the cutter and LOCUST's boats under her second master, Mr CURTIS, got alongside her and carried her off under very heavy fire while WRANGLER stood in close to cover them. The Danish vessel mounted two brass 6-pounders and one long 2-pounder. She was commanded by Lieut. Tetens, who was commodore of a division of gunboats off Flanstrand, with a complement of 22 men. All save for one man managed to escape into the fort.
  • 1814 Ditto, Downs.

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