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ZEBRA (18) Built in 1815, Bombay (Cruizer class).
Wrecked in 1840.

  • 1815 George RICH, Bombay. Philip Henry BRIDGES acting commander of ZEBRA from December 1815 to November 1816 when he was promoted into CHALLENGER.
  • 1816 Bombay.
  • 1817-25 Portsmouth.
  • 1825 Edward R.
    WILLIAMS, 02/1825, Mediterranean.
    ZEBRA arrived in Zante on 28 January 1827 with dispatches for Capt. IRBY of PELICAN from Capt. HAMILTON of CAMBRIAN.
    Here Capt. WILLIAMS learnt that the Governor of Maina, Mavromicali, had reneged on his agreement to sail his galley to Zante for arbitration on goods plundered from Ionian vessels, and he agreed to go in search of him. He sailed on 30 January and, on 4 February, ZEBRA's boats under Lieut. Josiah OAKE brought out from the port of Catecali a bovo belonging to the pirate Cipriotti and rescued an Ionian trabaccolo plundered by him. The pirates had escaped ashore so the bovo was burnt. The boats searched the shore up towards Cape Kitries and, on the 8th., they sighted a vessel near Scardamoula answering the description of the one they were seeking, but despite using sweeps they were unable to prevent her returning to port. All the boats under Lieuts. OAKE and William PHILLOT were then sent in to demand her surrender and they returned with a promise that Mavromicali would sail to Zante the following morning.
    ZEBRA spent an uncomfortable night anchored in deep swell only 300 yards from the galley. If the sea had been calmer he would have taken possession of her after the first lieutenant had been repulsed by armed men when attempting to deliver a message to her. When the hills were found to be ringed with armed men in the morning and no reply was received when the Governor was reminded of his promise, a carronade was fired at the bow of the galley. This had the desired effect and Lieut. OAKE was sent to take possession.
    The two vessels sailed on 10 February and arrived in Zante on the evening of the 11th.
  • On 4 March 1827 while ZEBRA was becalmed off Zea two boats, heavily laden with men, were observed pulling off the island. When they made off after recognising the brig, Lieut. Josiah OAKE pursued them in ZEBRA's boats and succeeded in capturing and burning one of them after the crew of four escaped ashore. The following night, while running through the Doro Passage, the brig was continually attacked by five boats which would open fire and then disappear into the dark.
  • The ROBERT schooner, Thomas Simson, master, sailed from Messina for Smyrna on 17 July 1827.
    On the evening of the 23rd. she was in mid channel between Serpho and Sepanto when she was fired on from two boats and immediately boarded by about 100 armed men who proceeded to plunder her cargo and to strip the crew of their clothes and possessions. They left at daybreak when a convoy came in sight. ROBERT bore up for the convoy and spoke Capt. WILLIAMS in ZEBRA who was on her way to Malta. ZEBRA stood into shore but could see nothing of the pirates. ROBERT remained with the convoy until daylight on the 25th. when she got a pilot from ZEBRA and bore up for Milos where she found a French convoy for Smyrna.
  • Cdr. WILLIAMS was advanced to post rank in April 1827.
  • 1827 Charles COTTON, 05/1827, Mediterranean.
  • 1828 E. W. GILBERT, 10/1828, Mediterranean.
  • 1830 Richard PRIDHAM, 01/1829, East Indies.
  • 1831 Durell de SAUSMAREZ, 11/1830, East Indies. He left ZEBRA at New South Wales in February 1832 due to bad health and returned home in the STRATHFIELDSAYE whaler.
  • 1834 Chatham 1836 R. C. M'CREA, 06/1834, East Indies.
    Ordered home at the beginning of 1838.
  • 1840 Robert STOPFORD, 01/1839, Mediterranean. During Mehemet Ali's revolt against the Sultan and his subsequent invasion of Syria, ZEBRA formed part of Charles NAPIER's force in the Eastern Mediterranean.
    On 26 September ZEBRA joined BENBOW (72) and CARYSFORT (26) to cover a disastrous attack on Tortosa. The boats grounded on a reef and there were many casualties before they could be got off.
    On 2 December 1840 ZEBRA was wrecked off Mt. Carmel near Haifa.

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