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ADVENTURE (12) Cutter Purchased in 1763.
Sold in 1768.

  • 1764 Lieut. HAY.
  • 1764 Lieut. James WARDEN, Leith. He sailed from Leith on 15th. Oct. for Portsmouth after receiving orders to enter as many men as possible. The cutter proved to be leaky and he had to employ a Master Carpenter (Alexander PHILP) at Burntisland to caulk and nail her. He sailed again on the evening of the 25th. In the Downs on 7th. Nov. he reported that with no Master on board he had had to employ a pilot for the North Coast. Once in Portsmouth in December he requested a Master and a Surgeon's Mate. In 1766 the ADVENTURE cutter was based in the Firth of Forth. She was damaged in Leith Harbour at the beginning of August and William EDMOND, Carpenter of the HAPPY, sloop, surveyed the extent of the damage. The damage was confined to the upper works so they could be carried out by John SYME, the Carpenter in Leith. On 29th. November George CLARK, the gunner's mate, was drowned. In March 1767 Thomas RICHMOND, the Master, asked to be replaced due to failing eyesight. In September 1767 Lieut. WARDEN was superseded by Lieut. George YOUNGHUSBAND.

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