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BOREAS (28) 6th rate Built in 1757, Woolwich DY.
Sold in 1770.

  • 1760 Capt. Samuel UVEDALE, West Indies.
    HAMPSHIRE (50), BOREAS, and LIVELY (20), were ordered by Ad. HOLMES to intercept a French convoy, escorted by five frigates, sailing from Cape Franç ois.
    On the morning of 17 October the French were sighted, but light winds slowed the chase until evening when BOREAS engaged LA SIRENE (32). French fire disabled her aloft and it was the following afternoon before BOREAS could make repairs and come up with her again. After an action lasting nearly 3 hours, LA SIRENE struck with 80 killed and wounded. BOREAS had one man killed and one wounded. LA SIRENE was taken into the Royal Navy under the same name, as was the VALEUR (20), which struck to LIVELY.
  • The capture of two privateers by the boats of TRENT and BOREAS are described under TRENT.
  • Came home from Jamaica with a convoy which sailed about the end of July.

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