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CARCASS (8) Bomb Built in 1759, Rotherhithe.
Sold in 1784.

  • 1759 Cdr. Charles INGLIS(1), with a squadron under Rear Ad. George RODNEY sent to destroy flat-bottomed boats and supplies gathering at Le Havre to prepare for the invasion of England. The six bomb ketches, CARCASS, FURNACE, FIREDRAKE, BASILISK, MORTAR and BLAST were stationed in the channel leading to Harfleur and threw shells at targets in the town for 50 consecutive hours.
  • 1773 Capt. LUTWIDGE. At the instigation of the Royal Society, a voyage was undertaken by CARCASS and RACEHORSE, Capt. PHIPPS, to see if there was a passage to the East Indies via the north polar regions. They sailed from the Nore on the 2nd June, with a 15 year old Horatio NELSON on board RACEHORSE, and by 31st. July had reached a latitude of 81 deg. 21 min N. when both ships were driven by a strong current into a bay which was instantly closed by ice. For several days they tried unsuccessfully to force a passage through until, by the 6th. August, it was decided to lower the boats and drag them across the ice. They had actually quit the ships when the wind blew from the eastward and the ships moved forward. They returned, and on the 10th., with the wind from the N. E. and aided by a strong current, the ice gave way. It was not found possible to penetrate farther north than 81 deg. 36 min, N. and the ships returned to England, reaching the Nore in October.
  • 1778 Lieut. Edward EDWARDS (act.) With Vice Ad. Lord Howe, New York. Sailed for Barbados on 4 November as part of escort, under Commodore Wm. HOTHAM, for a convey taking 5,000 troops to West Indies. They arrived on 10 December.

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