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CULLODEN (74) 3rd rate Built in 1776, Deptford.
Wrecked in 1781.

  • 1776 Capt. George BALFOUR, before the start of the war with France CULLODEN was employed as a cruiser off Cape Finisterre to blockade the revolting American colonies. At the beginning of 1777 he captured a ship from South Carolina bound for Bordeaux with rice, indigo, deer skins and tobacco. In May 1778 he was ordered to America under the orders of Adm. BYRON. It took nearly three months, and he was forced to bear away for Halifax. He sailed from there on 4th. Sept. with Adm. BYRON, but was overtaken by another storm and forced to run for England, where he put into Milford Haven early in December, bringing with him a French tender he had taken on his passage.
  • CULLODEN was wrecked on the east end of Long Island in a gale of wind on 23rd. January 1765, the whole crew were saved. The CULLODEN's masts were saved and put onboard the BEDFORD.

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