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DRAGON (74) 3rd rate Built in 1760, Deptford.
Sold in 1784.

  • 1762 On the 24th. February the Hon. Capt. A. J. HERVEY was detached with a small squadron against the island of St. Lucia. His orders were, only to attack it in case he found his strength sufficient to reduce it; and if not strong enough, to make his report to the Admiral.
  • Capt. HERVEY could not an accurate account of the enemy's strength owing to the harbour entrance being narrow, so he hit on a stratagem that procured him the intelligence he required. He sent an officer to summon M. Longueville, the French Governor, to surrender, whilst he himself, dressed like a midshipman, accompanied the officer as an interpreter and along with him was taken into the Fort to see the Governor. who declared that he was resolved to hold out to the last extremity. Capt. HERVEY being convinced that his ships could safely approach the port resolved to enter the harbour the next day. In fact no sooner had the ships begun to approach harbour's mouth than the Governor offered terms of capitulation.
  • The ships involved were:- DRAGON (74).--- Capt. A. J. Hervey
  • NORWICH (50).---------Wm. Mc Cleverty
  • PENZANCE (40).--------J. Boyd
  • DOVER (40).-----------Chaloner Ogle
  • BASALISK (8).---------Robert Brice
  • 1763 Capt. John MONTAGUE, guard- ship.

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