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DUNKIRK (60) 4th rate Built in 1754, Woolwich.
Sold in 1792.

  • 1755 Capt. Hon. Richard HOWE. DUNKIRK was one of the ships ordered to America under Vice Adm. BOSCAWEN. Off Newfoundland on 6th. June, the British fleet fell in with four French ships separated from the squadron bound for Canada under Adm. Bois de la Mothe and DUNKIRK, DEFIANCE and some others, were ordered to give chace. Coming up with the ALCIDE about midday, Capt. HOWE hailed her captain and requested him to accompany him down to the admiral about three miles away. The French captain refused and asked if it was peace or war? A Capt. HOWE repeated the question, adding that he had orders to bring the ship down and expected every moment to be ordered to fire into the Frenchman if he did not bring to. The red flag being hoisted on the fore top-gallant-head of the flagship, Capt. HOWE then fired into the ALCIDE and the French replied. After two broadsides the flagship, EDGAR, came up and more shots were exchanged before ALCIDE struck. She mounted 64 guns and had on board more than 900 men, mostly soldiers, their general was killed in the fight and the governor of Louisburg and four senior officers taken prisoners, and 30,000 L sterling.
  • A report from London, dated 19 July said:- "The Dunkirk's Guns in the late Skirmish off Newfoundland were all double-shotted every round, and being Yard-Arm to Yard-Arm, did such terrible Execution, that the Officers of the Alcide could not keep their Men to their Quarters, and ran one of them through to deter the others, but all would not do, the Frenchmen not liking warm work; and Monsieur Commodore himself, when he was brought Prisoner on board Dunkirk, told brave Capt. Howe. That it was cruel to engage so very close.
  • One of the other French ships, the LYS (64), was captured by the FOUGUEUX (64).
  • 1782 Capt. Jn. MILLIGEN, guardship at Plymouth.

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