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HAMPSHIRE (50) 4th rate Built in 1741, Ipswich.
Broken up in 1766.

  • Rear Adm. HOLMES, having intelligence that several enemy ships had sailed from Port Louis on the 5th. June 1761, and also that the St. Anne, a French warship had sailed from Port au Prince on the same day, he disposed several ships of his squadron in such a manner as he thought most likely to meet with those of the enemy. In the morning of the 13th., the HAMPSHIRE fell in with the St. Anne to windward, and chased her right down upon the CENTAUR to leeward. Upon discovering the CENTAUR, the St. Anne hauled up, and was kept between the two ships till she was run quite inshore, and becalmed about a league to the north of Donna-Maria Bay, when she began to fire her stern chace. Soon after the CENTAUR got alongside the St. Anne, when she struck her ensign. She is a very fine ship, constructed for 64 guns, she had on board six 24 pounders, 26 twelve pounders and 8 eight pounders, with 389 persons; was commanded by M. Aiguillon, and was carrying home a cargo of indigo, coffee and sugar, to the value of nine million French livres.

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