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HAMPTON COURT (70) 3rd rate Built in 1709, Rotherhithe.
Broken up in 1774.

  • 1726 Capt. Robert HUGHES.
  • 1731 Capt. Lord Vere BEAUCLERK
  • 1733 Capt. John MIGHELS.
  • 1738 Commodore Charles BROWN, Sheerness.22nd January requested Mr. Jenkins, the Master Attendant may pilot the ship to the Downs.
  • 1739 Capt. Digby DENT (2).Wearing the Pennant of Commodore Charles BROWN she took part in Adm. VERNON's attack on Porto Bello.
  • Extract of a letter from on board Hampton Court in Porto Bello, Dec. 4th.
  • The Harbour, or Bay, justly called Porto Bello, which signifies a Fair Haven, is about three miles long, and one broad, defended with high Hills. At its Mouth, on the Larboard side is Iron Castle, so called from its Strength, having a strong Fort below, and a Castle built high on the Hill above it; ther's another stronger Fort called Gloria, near the End of the Harbour, on the Starboard Side; and at the upper end is At Geronyme's Fort, this commands the the Harbour's Mouth; the City's betwixt these two forts, or rather behind them.
  • At half an Hour after one, the 21st. Nov. the proper signals being given, we entered according to the line of battle. As we came within Cannon Shot, Iron Fort began to play upon us; the Land being very high becalm'd us, gave the Spaniards an Opportunity of firing before we could bring our Guns to bear upon them. The Hampton Court began with Great Guns and small Arms so furiously that the other Ships at a distance thought her on fire: In about half an Hour we could see some of the Spaniards taking themselves to the Mountains; the rest of the Ships now coming in, the Admiral gave the Signal to land the Marines, etc.
  • 1744 Capt. Savage MOSTYN. On the evening of 11th. December 1745 the HAMPTON COURT, which sailed from Plymouth about seven days ago to cruise in the Channel, brought into Plymouth a French privateer of St. Malo, called the LYS, of 32 guns and 230 men.
  • 1747. On 7 March the HAMPTON COURT, in company with several other ships, took the COMPTE de LOWENDAHL privateer of Dunkirk of 20 guns, and 175 men; and on the 11th. they took the NEPTUNE de ROUEN, one of the French Martinique fleet, that sailed from that island on the 8th. Jan. last, N. S. under convoy of the ESPERENCE, OF 74 guns, and the AQUILON, OF 46 guns.

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