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HASTINGS (44) 5th rate Built in 1741, Liverpool.
Broken up in 1763.

  • 1741 Capt. Alexander, Lord BAMFF. Promoted from 1st. lieutenant of LUDLOW CASTLE on 19 February, HASTING was fitted out at Liverpool before being employed as a cruiser in the Channel and the Bay of Biscay. On 7 January 1742 off Madeira, after an engagement of two hours, he captured a large Spanish register ship of 20 guns and 105 men bound from Cadiz to the Havana. She had on board as passengers, 10 men, 4 women and a child, and was reported to be carrying treasure to the amount of 1,300,000 dollars. As he was carrying the prize into Madeira on the 16th. he engaged and captured a privateer of 14 carriage and 6 swivel guns, with 73 men.
  • HASTINGS was then ordered to Virginia where, on 23 July 1743, she captured a Spanish privateer with 30 carriage and swivel guns called Nuestra Senora del Rosaria St. Antonio y las Animas, of 74 men. She was commanded by Don Alexo Gallardo of St. Domingo, from which place she had been out for some months, but only 15 days from Cap Francois. She had taken a New England ship in Lat. 34. the master and his crew were taken in the Privateer.
  • On her return to England HASTINGS was ordered to be sold as unfit for service and Capt. Lord BAMFF was promoted to command of the TILBURY (58), a new ship then being completed at Portsmouth.
  • 1747 Capt. Robert WELLARD, North Sea and coast of Holland. He captured on the 26th. March a privateer belonging to Calais carrying 20 carriage and swivel guns, and on the 22nd of the next month a second belonging to Boulogne called the Duc de Rambouillet of somewhat inferior force.
  • Paid off in 1749 and broken up in 1763.

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