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HAZARD (14) Sloop Built in 1744, Rotherhithe.
Sold in 1749.

  • 1745 Capt. HILL, North Sea. In the hands of the Young Pretender from 24th. November 1745.
  • "His majesty's sloop Hazard was taken by the rebels in the following manner: The Capt. had sent a part of his men in a body on shore at Montrose, where they seized all the guns and arms in the ships in that harbour, which he sent on board a vessel to be transported to Leith; the next day the capt. ordered 20 men ashore in his longboat to search for more arms; but they were surprised by a party of Highlanders, who had come to that place privately the night before; these as soon as the boat struck ground, rush'd forwards, kill'd one man, and made the rest prisoners; afterwards with the assistance of some boats they boarded the vessel with the cannon and arms, and master'd her; and then with the help of this ship they attack'd the Hazard, who having lost so many of her crew was obliged to surrender after some resistance. The command of the Hazard was given by the rebels to one of the shipmasters who had his ship burnt by Capt. Hill's orders, and was very instrumental in taking the sloop. With the cannon taken out of the sloop they erected batteries at the mouth of the harbour."
  • The HAZARD was restored to the Royal Navy in April 1746.

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