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HOPE (14) Sloop Built in Philadelphia, purchased in Dec. 1775.
Re-rated as a 8-gun sloop.

  • 1776 Lieut. George DAWSON. On 25th. November he captured the American privateer the INDEPENDENCE, commanded by Simeon Sampson.
  • "We hear from Halifax that an armed brig named the INDEPENDENCE has been taken by DAWSON and a transport ship, and carried to Fort Cumberland. The brig engaged DAWSON for some time, but the ship running up alongside, having soldiers on board concealed, who instantly rose up and fired a volley of small arms into the brig obliged her to strike. It is reported that the brig, INDEPENDENCE, Capt. SAMPSON would have taken DAWSON before the ship came up, had his men stood to their quarters, two or three of whom, it is said, he killed for leaving them."
  • From the Virginia Gazette, 1777
  • "That DAWSON has his brig cleaned and altered every cruise; she is now painted black, with the intention of deceiving our cruisers; he carries 70 men, and is cruising in the Bay of Fundy, together with the ALBANY Philadelphia built ship of 18 guns commanded by a Lieutenant.... that DAWSON had a considerable number of his men killed in the engagement with Captain SAMPSON, and greatly shattered. Capt. SAMPSON and his men are treated severely, and were, when first taken, put in irons, they are now in close confinement on board the guardships in Halifax Harbour."
  • From Virginia Gazette 1777
  • On the 2nd December 1776 HOPE and DILIGENCE arrived off Fort Cumberland, they were accompanied by the INDEPENDENCE, whose 14 guns were removed and mounted in the fort.

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