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HUNTER (10) Sloop Built in 1756, Deptford.
Sold in 1780.

  • 1762 Capt. James FERGUSON, attached to commodore John MOORE's squadron, while cruising, fell in with four Dutch merchant ships, escorted by a frigate of 36 guns. Capt. FERGUSON, in agreement with his orders, sent a boat to examine one of the merchant ships, but the captain of the Dutch frigate interposed and would not allow it. HUNTER then proceeded to the Downs where he reported to the commodore. He immediately despatched Capt. ADAMS in the DIANA, with the CHESTERFIELD of 50 guns, with the HUNTER and TRYALL sloops, in pursuit.
  • The next day Capt. ADAMS came up with the convoy and informed the captain of the Dutch frigate that he must examine the convoy. The captain immediately replied by firing on the boats that were sent to search the merchantmen. Capt. ADAMS fired a shot across the frigate, which was returned with a broadside. A smart action followed, which finished a quarter of an hour later by the Dutchman striking with the loss of four men killed. The convoy was found to be laden with naval stores for the French, and was detained, the frigate was permitted to return to Holland.
  • 1767 Thomas SCOTT, master, Reuben CROKER, master sailmaker. Captured by American Privateer off Boston on 23 November 1775, recaptured by GREYHOUND.

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