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JACKAL (14) Cutter Purchased in 1779.
Captured in 1782.

  • 1779 Lieut. John GIBSON, Downs, to join a small squadron of four frigates, the FAIRY sloop and another cutter, all under the command of Capt. REYNOLDS of JUPITER, to cruise off the Texel.
  • On the evening of 4 December, while the lieutenant, John STEVENS, the master, and William SCOTT, the surgeon, were all ashore, a group of some 16 mutinous seamen, confining the rest of the ship's company below, took possession of the cutter and carried her into Calais where she was sold to the French. The loyal members of the crew were returned to England and, with Lieut. GIBSON, faced a court martial on board the SYREN at Sheerness in January 1780. The lieutenant was reprimanded for leaving his ship without an officer, and the rest were acquitted since they appeared to have done their best to recover the vessel.
  • On the 25th. April 1780 Jackal, now a privateer, sailed from Dunkirk in company with three others, and on 18th. of May she was recaptured after being in action with, first, the BUSY cutter, and then, the LIZARD frigate, these two vessels both being with a small squadron under Capt. William ALLEN in the CHATHAM. A prize crew was put on board and she was sent to Elsinore, but she was retaken by a French privateer and returned to Dunkirk. On 22nd July 1781 the privateer BOULOGNE, Francis Cottin, was chased off Spithead by the PRUDENTE (38), Capt. Hon. Wm. WALDEGRAVE, and brought to. She proved to be the JACKAL and was taken into Portsmouth by James Somerville, master of the PRUDENTE, to be restored to the Royal Navy.
  • 1780 Lieut. Daniel DOBREE, Channel.
  • 1782 captured French lugger SYLPH.

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