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JASON (32) 5th rate Built in 1763, Limehouse.
Sold in 1785.

  • 1765 Capt. John MACBRIDE, He was ordered to the Falkland Is. She returned in 1767 and came into Woolwich Dockyard on 16 April and was docked. She was ready to receive men on 2nd February 176.
  • 1768 Capt. Charles ANTROBUS. John DENNIS, master; John PATERSON, surgeon; John Anderson, surgeon's mate; James TRAVIS, surgeon's 2nd mate and William CONNELLY, master at arms, all arrived at Woolwich in February, when they were appointed, but the Clerk of the Cheque refused to enter them in JASON until Capt. ANTROBUS arrived on 1st. March with his commission. JASON sailed for Plymouth from Longreach on 30 May, having on board some Danzig oak plank paid with the Mundock composition prepared by William Constable for preserving ship's bottoms, to take to Jamaica.
  • At Plymouth John DENNIS removed to the GIBRALTAR and Thomas OLDFIELD was appointed master of JASON. On the evening of 24th. July JASON and MERMAID sailed for Madeira and the West Indies. Capt. ANTROBUS died there during 1769.
  • 1782 Capt. J. PIGOTT, North America.

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