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JUPITER (50) 4th rate Built in 1778, Rotherhithe.
Wrecked in 1808.

  • 1778 Capt. Francis REYNOLDS, on the 20th. October the JUPITER and the MEDEA (28), Capt. James MONTAGU, being on a cruise in the Bay of Biscay, fell in with a French line of battle ship, and at five p.m. brought her to close action, in which she was joined by the MEDEA, who received a dangerous shot between wind and water, which compelled her to bear away for Lisbon. Capt. REYNOLDS continued the action with great bravery until eight, when the enemy made sail and bore away for Ferrol; where it was reported that she arrived with the loss of her captain and 200 men killed and wounded. JUPITER put into Lisbon to refit.
  • 1782 Capt. T. PASLEY, North America.
  • 1786 Capt. Sir Richard BICKERTON,

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