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LIVELY (20) 6th rate Built in 1756, Beaulieu.
Sold in 1784.

  • 1759 Capt. Hon. Frederic MAITLAND, West Indies under Rear Adm. HOLMES. In October 1760 he captured the French VALEUR, after an action lasting an hour and a half, off Cuba. She was a vessel of the same force as himself and had sailed from Cape Francois with four other French frigates laden with sugar and indigo. Another was taken by BOREAS and two destroyed by HAMPSHIRE.
  • 1778 Capt. BIGGS, on the 8th. July the French fleet put to sea from Brest, LIVELY, which had been left to watch the motions of the enemy, upon a fog coming up, found herself in the middle of the fleet, and was captured by the French IPHIGENIE on 10th. July.
  • 1776 Capt. Thomas BISHOP, to go with the LEVANT and a victualler to New York, Delaware, Cape Fear and ST. Augustine.
  • 1781 Recaptured by PERSEVERANCE on 29 July.

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