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LIVERPOOL (28) 6th rate Built in 1758, Liverpool.
Wrecked in 1778.

  • Built by John Gorell & Wm. Pownall. to the same draught as LOWESTOFT.
  • 1758 Capt. Richard KNIGHT, 16th. March. After fitting out she ran down to the Black Rock off Liverpool on 1st. July and stopped a number of ships to impress men. While at anchor off Crosby Point on on 27th. July she was struck by gale force winds and driven ashore on the sands with six feet of water in the hold. The masts were cut away, guns, shot and ballast put overboard and the water pumped out. On 3rd. August she was got off into deep water and docked on the 19th. Refitting was completed by October when she escorted a convoy from Dublin to Sheerness.
  • In 1759 she was employed with the squadron blockading M. Thurot's squadron in Dunkirk, capturing in May a small French privateer belonging to that port carrying eight carriage and six swivel guns with a crew of 52 men. The prize was carried into Margate Roads. Another capture was the French snow privateer, the Grand Admiral, of 10 guns and 85 men. Thurot escaped in October when a gale drove the blockading squadron offshore.
  • 1762 Capt. Edward CLARK, 13th. Sept. He committed suicide on board in May 1764. She was paid off at Woolwich on 2 November 1764.
  • 1767 Capt. Richard BRAITHWAITE, promoted out of GIBRALTAR (20). Served as a cruiser on the Newfoundland station for two years before being ordered to the Mediterranean. Paid off a Chatham on 22 March 1772.
  • 1775 Capt. Henry BELLEW, 15th. July. Sailed for the Mediterranean on 30th. August and returned to Plymouth on 26th. March 1777. On 24th. April she sailed to join Lord HOWE's fleet in North America. She took part in an attempt to force a passage to Philadelphia in October with ROEBUCK, PEARL, AUGUSTA and MERLIN. The latter two vessels ran aground in the Delaware and AUGUSTA blew up while she was being got off, MERLIN was burnt to prevent her capture. LIVERPOOL also took part in the bombardment of Fort Miffin.
  • At 5.20 on the morning of 11 February 1778, while taking dispatches from the Delaware to New York, LIVERPOOL was driven ashore near Jamaica Bay, Long Island, in thick weather and a heavy sea. All the people were saved. Capt. BELLEW and his officers and crew were acquitted of blame by a court martial held on board AMAZON at New York on 1st. May.

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