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ORFORD (70) 3rd rate Built in 1698, Deptford.
Wrecked in 1745.

  • 1702 Capt. John NORRIS. With Sir George ROOKE's Anglo-Dutch squadron which attacked a Franco-Spanish squadron in Vigo Bay on 12th. October 1702. Every vessel in the harbour of Redondela was taken, including Spanish galleons recently arrived from the West Indies and still laden with treasure of immense value.
  • 1703 ORFORD captured two privateers early in the year, one of 36-guns and one of 16-guns. In November, whilst Sir John LEAKE'S fleet was sailing up Channel to the Downs, Capt. NORRIS, with WARSPITE (70). and LITCHFIELD (50), was sent in chase of a French man of war and fought her from 8 o'clock at night until two in the morning when she struck, her sails, masts and rigging being shattered and the hull a wreck. She was the HAZARD (52), Capt. de la Rue, from Newfoundland, with 370 men on board.
  • Rebuilt at Limehouse in 1713.
  • 1739 Capt. Richard GIRLINGTON
  • 17?? Capt. DENNISON, died, he was replaced by -
  • 1741 Capt. Perry MAIN, late of PRINCESSA. A French prize taken by ORFORD was condemned in Jamaica and each lieutenant received 500 L, the Midshipmen 80 L each, and the foremast-men, in proportion. 1745 ORFORD was lost in the windward passage on 14th. February, all the crew were saved. Perry MAIN returned to England in the RIPPON which arrived at St. Helen's on Wednesday 2nd June in company with MONTAGUE, ASSISTANCE and 9 sail of merchantmen.

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